Indoor Air Quality and advanced environmental control strategies are playing a growing role in patient safety as hospitals and medical care facilities strive to improve wellness metrics and provide the best in healing environments.  Three key factors make attention to indoor air quality particularly important in health care settings.

1. Patients at risk: Healthcare facilities house many persons with heightened susceptibility to infections, respiratory distress, and other problems associated with air contaminants.

2. Occupant density: Because the density of people in health care settings is relatively high, at risk patients are likely to be in close proximity to infectious individuals.

3. Aging systems: Many hospitals are aging and their ventilation systems are outdated and are in need of maintenance and repair.

High Efficiency Air Cleaning

Dynamic Air Cleaners remove dangerous airborne particles that other filters and air cleaning systems miss…including odors, VOCs, allergens, pathogens, molds and bacteria…without producing Ozone.

  • The Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning System exceeds the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services minimum MERV rating for final filtration in patient areas.  Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning Systems achieve MERV 13-15+ performance.
  • Dynamic V-bank air cleaners have been used to replace 85% and 95% bag and cartridge filters in patient areas and have been used as pre-filters to HEPA filtration in surgical areas.
  • Dynamic Sterile Sweep™ Germicidal Systems can be mounted in front of 1" or 2" Dynamic V-bank air cleaners.
  • Dynamic wall-mounted germicidal units help reduce the risk of disease being spread in infectious disease wards.

Remove Odors from Ventilation Air

  • Addresses noticeable odors and harmful combustion particulates introduced as ventilation air from ambient sources including local traffic, helicopter fumes and idling ambulances.

Lower Maintenance Costs

  • Extends media life and minimizes having to order, handle, store, and replace media.  Dynamic V8 maintenance intervals are measured in years instead of months.
  • Reduce operating costs.  In addition to the cost savings from the reduction in maintenance, Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning Systems deliver substantial fan energy savings compared to the norm of passive filtration.

Studies have shown that over 90% of the cost of filtration is something other than the media, including energy (fan horsepower to push the air through the filter), labor to change the media, and costs of disposal. Dynamic air cleaners can last up to 7 times longer than comparable bag and cartridge filters and can cut down the mid-life static pressure by as much as 1.5” which can mean a reduction in horsepower requirements.



Case Studies:

Firelands Regional Medical Center
IAQ Challenge: Reduce outside odors, reduce operating costs
Solution: Dynamic V8s


Ellis Hospital
IAQ Challenge:  Vehicle exhaust emissions
Solution:  Dynamic V8s

Cancer Care Center of York County
IAQ Challenge: Reduce odors
Solution: 2" Dynamics

Hospital Viamed Santa Angela de la Cruz
Energy Challenge: Reduce CO2 Emissions
Solution: Dynamic V8s

Royal Victoria Hospital
IAQ Challenge:  Odor Control
Solution: Dynamic 2" V-Banks

Ohio Veterans Home
IAQ Challenge: Controlling Odors
Solution: Dynamic V-Banks, G-375

Hospital Nuestra Senora de America
IAQ Challenge: Controlling Contaminants
Solution: Dynamic V8s

Pinehurst Surgical
IAQ Challenge: Odors
Solution: Dynamic 2" Tandems


Test Reports:

Canadian Medical Centre
Third Party Test Report for Canadian Medical Center
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