Dynamic 1” and 1” Tandem Polarized-Media Air Cleaners


Combining ease of installation with low static pressure (for lower energy consumption and system wear), 1” Dynamic Air Cleaners provide high-efficiency electronic air cleaning with an equivalency rating of MERV 12.

For those commercial installations where its desirable to run air cleaners in series, and where static pressure constraints do not allow for 2” air cleaners, Dynamic 1” Tandem Air Cleaners can be wired to a single power supply or a control panel (control panels are available as optional accessories).  1” Dynamic Air Cleaners slide directly into filter tracks in most self-contained package rooftop units or 1” Dynamic Air Cleaners can be configured into Dynamic V-Bank Systems.

Each 1” Dynamic Air Cleaner uses a replacement media pad with a patented activated-charcoal carbon center screens for maximum effectiveness and odor control.

Dynamic 1” Polarized-Media Air Cleaners and Dynamic 1” Tandem Polarized-Media Air Cleaners are available in sizes to fit a variety of equipment including Trane Impact, IntelliPak, Precedent, and T Series. Application drawings are available on the Dynamic Air Quality Solutions commercial website to registered users.

Common Applications include any application where wall units, packaged rooftop,
self contained, ductless or package terminal units are used such as:

Animal Shelter
Assisted Living
Bingo Halls
Clean Rooms
Country Clubs
Data Centers

Food Service
Government Buildings
Health Clubs
Locker Rooms
Medical Offices
Night Clubs

Nursing Homes
Office Buildings
Police Stations
Race Tracks
Rail and Bus Stations
Recreation Centers
Retail Stores
Retirement Centers

Additionally Dynamic Air Cleaners can be used to clean outdoor ventilation air coming into conditioned spaces such as:

  • Schools for school bus exhaust fumes
  • Hospitals for heliport and ambulance parking fumes
  • Airports and air traffic control facilities for jet engine exhaust fumes
  • Rail and Bus Stations for diesel engine exhaust fumes
  • Metropolitan offices for vehicle exhaust fumes