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“To develop and bring to market innovative, technologically advanced and affordable solutions to help our customers optimize air quality, energy consumption, and the environment.”


Dynamic Air Cleaners use a technology called non-ionizing “polarized-media” and it’s actually been around for a long time. The first electrically enhanced air filters date back to 1930 and combine elements of both passive and electronic filtration. As with most high-efficiency filtration products, polarized media had roots in industrial applications. Although there have been a number of different configurations since then, all are based on charging, or polarizing, fibers in a filter and particles in the air in order to generate an electric force between the fibers and particles. While the principle has been around for many decades, it has only been in recent years that the technology has been fully understood to maximize effectiveness and to provide consistent, reliable performance.

In 1982, two university professors from Carleton University in Ontario, Canada developed a design for a residential application that provided a simple means of replacing dirty media. They started Engineering Dynamics, Ltd. (EDL) and began manufacturing 1” and 2” polarized-media electronic air cleaners, room console units and overhead ceiling-mount units. All of the polarized-media air cleaners on the market today can be traced back to beginnings at EDL, although subsequent patents and refinements have created discernable differences in the product designs and features.

The original EDL was acquired in 1993 by Environmental Dynamics Group, now known as Dynamic Air Quality Solutions, the manufacturer of Dynamic Air Cleaners. Initially the focus was primarily residential, but there was a clear need for improved air quality in commercial and industrial applications. This resulted in a focus on technology enhancements, new configurations, and a complete line of commercial products that now dominate in some categories, such as casinos.