Celebrating Thirty-Five Years!

The first Polarized-Media Air Cleaners rolled off our assembly line in 1982

This year we are very pleased to celebrate the thirty-fifth anniversary of the first one-inch polarized-media electronic air cleaner. It was thirty-five years ago that the first polarized-media electronic air cleaner, produced under our “Dynamic Air Cleaner” brand, was introduced.

35 of our Favorites

As we celebrate 35 Years of Dynamic Air Cleaners, we're taking a look at 35 of our favorite projects:

TCPN – The Cooperative Purchasing Network for Schools & Public Institutions


Dynamic Air Quality Solutions is proud to be a member of The Cooperative Purchasing Network (TCPN). TCPN is a tool for schools and public institutions which gives them the opportunity to purchase world-class services and equipment, while taking advantage of the network’s collective purchasing power. As a member, any public institution can now use Dynamic Air Quality Solutions resources to help lower the cost of building, operating and improving facilities.

Energy, IAQ, and the Environment

Rely on Dynamic Air Quality Solutions to help make your building energy efficient and environmentally responsible. Dynamic can help you reduce risk and make the most of your investment by creating and sustaining high performance buildings.

Indoor Air Quality
Temperature, humidity, cleanliness, odors and noise are all aspects of Indoor Air Quality that impact people, processes and productivity. Dynamic Air Quality Solutions has the experts to help you create the best possible Indoor Air Quality. Temperature, humidity, particulate count, fresh air volume, circulation characteristics, odors and VOCs are all variables of IAQ that can be controlled for a building’s specific purpose, whether the building is a community elementary school, resort hotel, family restaurant or children’s hospital.