Dynamic Product Line

From the original 24Volt 1” Dynamic Air Cleaner to the state-of-the-art Dynamic V8, Dynamic has the right product to fit your application:

  • 1” air cleaners are used in return air grilles, unitary split systems and wall mount systems and can be run in series (tandem models) in light commercial packaged units.
  • 2” air cleaners essentially combine two 1” air cleaners to provide twice the filtration and are also available in tandem models for 2” light commercial filter racks.
  • 1” and 2” V-Banks offer the same technology available in the 1” and 2” panel design while providing more surface area for lower airflow velocities.  V-Banks are available for air handlers and filter sections - field or factory installed.
  • Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning System takes charged polarized-media technology to the next level utilizing a unique, patented multi-layered media that offers a very low static pressure resistance and exceptionally high dust holding capacity.  Primarily for air handlers and filter boxes, small modular versions are available for tight spaces and fan/coil applications.
  • Activated Carbon Systems allow precise control of gas phase contaminants and offer many advantages over pellet-based systems including lower pressure drop, smaller footprint and the ability to eliminate downstream filters.