by clients using Dynamic Air Cleaners to reduce fan energy and heating/cooling loads

We Clean the Air

Removing ultrafine particles, odors, VOCs, biologicals and gas phase contaminants from indoor air and ventilation air.

We Save Energy

Up to 2/3 less energy, through less fan horsepower, and where appropriate, helping to reduce outdoor air levels.

We Reduce Maintenance

Through longer service intervals, eliminating pre-filters and post-filters, and simplifying handling and disposal.

We have already talked about how Dynamic Air Cleaners, with their low static pressure, save money on energy consumption and possibly even fan selection. And how the long filter life, measured in years, saves money on maintenance. But did you know that Dynamic Air Cleaners can also save money on the acoustical side? Not to mention the role that acoustics play in worker productivity.

The NC Rating
Commercial tenants are increasingly looking beyond the surface when evaluating Class A space. Good acoustics are an integral part of that evaluation. The Noise Criteria (NC) rating, the numerical value of background noise generated by building equipment and occupant activities, should be below 40 and be consistent across the range of audible frequencies. Tenant leases are often times requiring the space to meet lower NC targets. The space should be free of low, rumbling and high, hissing noises which makes HVAC system design a key component where sound power level from fans are determined by motor power, capacity, static pressure and discharged volume.

Reducing Noise at the Source         

Dynamic Receives 2016 Construction Excellence Award


Dynamic Air Quality Solutions is very proud to have been awarded the 2016 Construction & Engineering Award from BUILD Magazine.