The Dynamic Whole House Bypass HEPA System includes a quiet multi-speed blower section and three stages of advanced filtration to remove 99.97% of particles .3 micron in size down to .01 microns.

The system can be mounted to the HVAC system plenum or installed in a dedicated loop.

HEPA systems usually require a significant amount of fan energy to force air through the filtration media.  The DYNHP-300 system overcomes this requirement by positioning the system parallel to, instead of across, the airstream.  Polluted air is directed through the filter on multiple passes to cleanse the air.  Working in combination with a pre-filter to capture larger particles, the system is designed to operate at peak performance for up to two years before requiring replacement of the HEPA filter.


  • Quiet, compact, and lightweight design.
  • The motor pulls air through the pre-filter as it pushes air through the carbon and HEPA media filter to effectively isolate sounds from moving air and the motor.
  • The entire cabinet is thermally insulated to provide even quieter operation.


  • Two-speed, maintenance-free, PSC motor has been pre-lubricated for the motor’s life.


  • Pleated pre-filter is 30% efficient – to capture large particles.
  • Carbon-activated filter absorbs normal household odors.
  • HEPA filter is 99.97% efficient to filter particles down to 0.01 microns in size.
  • CSA certified.


  • Easy access front access door.
  • Motor switch will automatically shut off the motor when door is opened for safe filter replacement.
  • HEPA filter should be replaced every two years.
  • Carbon and pre-filters should be replaced twice annually.


  • Can be duct-mounted or collar mounted to adapt to any type of heating and cooling system.


  • Seven (7) Year Limited Warranty.


  • Collar Mount adapter kit.
  • VOC³ Activated Carbon Matrix Module for industrial strength control of VOCs, odors, and gas phase pollutants.

The unique, revolutionary design of the VOC³ Activated Carbon Matrix (ACM) Module utilizes an activated carbon/ceramic honeycomb matrix that features unrestrictive air channels to provide a pathway for air to flow with low resistance. Because the carbon and ceramic are baked for 24 hours at 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, they are tightly bound together, eliminating dust shedding and the need for downstream filters.


Carbon effectiveness and longevity are functions of weight and dwell time. More weight means more capacity for odor removal and a longer service life. One gram of activated carbon has 10,000 square feet of internal surface area. One pound of activated carbon has a surface area equal to about 125 acres. The VOC³ Activated Carbon Matrix Module provides over four pounds of activated carbon to provide a service life of up to two years.

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