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1” Polarized-Media Electronic Air Cleaners

Combining ease of installation with low static pressure (for lower energy consumption and system wear), 1” Dynamic Air Cleaners are high-efficiency whole-house electronic air cleaners with an equivalency rating of MERV 13.

As tiny sub-micron particles and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) pass through the central heating and cooling system, they become polarized. The polarized particles get larger as they join together with other polarized particles and collect on a disposable low-static polarized media pad with an activated charcoal center screen. 

Series2 UVC Lamps

Dynamic Series2 Germicidal UVC Systems are whole house air purification systems that install directly into the central heating and cooling system ductwork or plenum.  All Series2 UVC Lamps include a Limited Lifetime Warranty on electronics and a two (2) year warranty on bulbs. With UVC, microwatts translate to effectiveness. Series2 16 inch UVC lamps feature 180 microwatt, 36 watt lamps which are three times the output on most UVC lamps on the market.

All Series2 UVC lamps are high intensity Dual-Radiant™ UVC "H" Lamps designed for two years of operation. UVC lamps disinfect the air by neutralizing airborne pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and mold. According to the EPA, the combined use of filtration and germicidal UVC light is an effective means of preventing the distribution of airborne viruses in occupied spaces.

The Dynamic Series2 offers multiple configurations that provide versatility any HVAC system:

Bypass HEPA System

The Dynamic Whole House Bypass HEPA System includes a quiet multi-speed blower section and three stages of advanced filtration to remove 99.97% of particles .3 micron in size down to .01 microns.

RS-4 Integrated Air Purification Systems

Now there is one whole-house air cleaning system that addresses all three types of airborne contaminants – quietly and efficiently.  The Dynamic RS-4 Whole House IAQ System applies the latest proven air purification technologies that work with the central heating and cooling system to provide clean, healthy air throughout the home.

Dynamic Time-Release Drain Pan Treatments

Dynamic Time-Release Drain Pan Treatments utilize state-of-the-art time-release polymer technology to provide cost effective prevention against odor-causing bacteria that can form in condensate drain pans.

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