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Time-Release Condensate Drain Pan Treatments should be part of every HVAC system clean & check.

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The VOC3 Activated Carbon Matrix Module controls odors and gas phase contaminants. Used with the Bypass HEPA Air Cleaning System.

Is your home making you sick? The three types of airborne contaminants and proven reliable products from Dynamic Air Quality Solutions that address them

Est-ce votre maison vous rend malade? Les trois types de contaminants dans l'air et les produits d'une fiabilité éprouvée de Dynamic Air Quality Solutions qui répondent eux

Catch, Hold, Kill! - The most effective way to apply UVC protection to an airstream.
Dynamic Time-Release Drain Pan Treatments provide dependable, sustained time-release protection for only pennies a day.
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Chances are, the filter you are using now is doing little to your air quality - even if it claims to be high efficiency. 
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Frequently Asked Questions About Dynamic Air Cleaners

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Clean, Healthy Air for You and your Family