Energy, IAQ, and the Environment

Rely on Dynamic Air Quality Solutions to help make your building energy efficient and environmentally responsible. Dynamic can help you reduce risk and make the most of your investment by creating and sustaining high performance buildings.

Indoor Air Quality
Temperature, humidity, cleanliness, odors and noise are all aspects of Indoor Air Quality that impact people, processes and productivity. Dynamic Air Quality Solutions has the experts to help you create the best possible Indoor Air Quality. Temperature, humidity, particulate count, fresh air volume, circulation characteristics, odors and VOCs are all variables of IAQ that can be controlled for a building’s specific purpose, whether the building is a community elementary school, resort hotel, family restaurant or children’s hospital.

Energy & the Environment
Energy use has a dramatic impact on operating expenses and the environment. Dynamic Air Quality Solutions can help you dramatically reduce energy expenditures, operating costs and carbon emissions.

Total Cost of Ownership
Optimizing your total cost of ownership can require a holistic approach to design and services. Dynamic Air Quality Solutions can help you explore your options and determine the most economical approach to IAQ to sustain optimal performance over the life of your building.

Building Green
The demand for environmentally responsible building is growing as people realize that it's not a cost…it's an investment. Green buildings are designed with energy efficiency, indoor air quality (IAQ), and sustainable materials in mind and there is usually a payback on the investment.

It’s easy to take the air in your building for granted until an issue arises that draws attention to it. Acceptable indoor air quality (IAQ) is much more than providing a prescribed volume of outdoor air per person. Good system selection and design, choosing the right building materials and furnishings, along with proper building operation and maintenance are the foundations of high quality indoor air. Dynamic Air Quality Solutions can help ensure that your system supports your IAQ requirements and helps your building to fulfill its purpose, however specialized it may be.

Standards and Codes
Compliance with applicable codes and standards is critical and sometimes challenging for building design professionals. Dynamic can provide you with information and resources to make this process easier. For example, dampers with airflow monitoring stations can be used in conjunction with a building management system to monitor and control ventilation airflow in compliance with ASHRAE 62 requirements.

LEED™ and Green Buildings
Sustainable construction and reduced environmental impact makes good business sense. Dynamic Air Quality Solutions is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and strongly supports its Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) rating systems. This alliance, coupled with our strong support of ASHRAE, reinforces our commitment to the development of present and future building standards that support green initiatives worldwide.

The LEED program certifies buildings at different levels of energy efficiency and environmental impact. Credit is awarded based on assessments in a number of different categories. As building owners are discovering, building or renovating to LEED standards ensures efficiencies that generally result in cost savings over the life of the building.

There are many strategies that address energy and indoor environment that in turn, can result in LEED credit. Dynamic Air Quality Solutions can help you maximize these efforts.

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