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Casino operators were some of the first to be able to put a price tag on indoor air quality and to realize the impact that IAQ has on customer traffic. As a result, you’ll find more Dynamic Air Cleaners in casinos than any other high efficiency air cleaners. Dynamic Air Cleaners remove dangerous airborne particles that other air cleaning systems miss…including odors, VOCs, smoke, bacteria, allergens, fine dust, molds and pollen…without producing any harmful ozone.

Dynamic Air Cleaners are found around the world in many types of gaming environments including land-based casinos, riverboats, and racetracks. Benefits to operators include:

  • Reduction of smoke and odors
  • Appeal to non-smoking clients
  • Ability to clear "cigar haze"
  • Improving customer loyalty and retention rates

IAQ should be part of every casino operators marketing plans, and Dynamic Air Quality Solutions has the products that have proven again and again to be the most effective in casino environments. Some of those enjoying better IAQ with lower operating costs include Sam's Town Casinos, Harrah's, Cherokee Casinos, and Churchill Downs.

Case Studies

Sam's Town Casino

IAQ Challange:  Smoke and smoke odors
Solution:  Dynamic V-Banks

El Cortez Hotel and Casino

IAQ Challenge:  Smoke and smoke odors
Solution:  Dynamic Tandems