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Pharma/Clean Mfg

Dynamic Air Cleaners are used in clean manufacturing operations to remove dangerous airborne particles that other air cleaning systems miss…including ultrafine particles and gas phase contaminants...without producing any harmful ozone.  Dynamic Air Cleaners also have a significant impact on removing odors from outside ventilation air.

Studies show that 92% of the cost of filtration is something other than the media cost, including energy (fan horsepower to push the air through the filter), labor to change the media and costs of disposal. Dynamic Air Cleaners can have a significant impact on reducing these costs as compared to bag and cartridge filters. Dynamic V-bank air cleaners can last up to 7 times longer than comparable cartridge filters and can cut down the mid-life static pressure by as much as 1.5” which saves significantly on the horsepower required for specific air handler.

Dynamic Air Cleaners can often generate a return on investment in clean manufacturing applications in three to five years.

Case Studies

WL Gore Electronic Products Facility

IAQ Challenge: Outdoor Air
Solution: Dynamic V8s