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Of the almost 5 million commercial buildings in the U.S., retail buildings account for the largest energy bills and are responsible for the second largest percentage of greenhouse gas emissions, according to the EPA.  There are a growing number of retail companies that are embracing the principles of sustainability, taking actions that are tangible, measurable and meaningful in reducing the use of scarce resources and improving the efficiency of their businesses.  For a large company, this can add up to millions of dollars in annual savings.

Energy Solutions

The conventional approach to air quality in public spaces, as specified in ASHRAE Ventilation Standard 62, is to introduce fresh, outside air, to dilute contaminants. The amount of outside air depends on the number of building occupants. Most HVAC systems in retail environments are designed for 7.5 CFM per person plus .12 CFM per square foot. Shopping mall’s are usually designed for 7.5 CFM per person plus .06 CFM per square foot. This can be costly, in terms of conditioning outside air, and sometimes ineffective, when the outside air is polluted. Cleaning the air, rather than diluting it, can save energy…and money. With Dynamic Air Cleaners, outside air requirements can be cut in half…or even to a third - under the guidelines of ASHRAE Standard 62 IAQ Procedures. And Dynamic Air Cleaners have lower static pressures than other high efficiency air cleaners.

IAQ Solutions

Retail spaces can contain a myriad of air quality issues.  Odors and VOCs are present in most retail environments but they are definitely more noticeable in some such as restaurants, pet stores, hair and beauty salons, cigar stores, etc.

Dynamic Air Cleaners are used to clean indoor air but can also be used to clean incoming outdoor ventilation air to remove odors and dangerous ultrafine particles (UFPs) such as those contained in vehicle exhaust in urban areas.

Maintenance Solutions

Dynamic Air Cleaner media pads last longer than conventional passive filtration; extending change-out intervals, and saving labor costs. Maintenance personnel like Dynamic media pads because they are lighter and less bulky than bag or cartridge filters, and are easier to handle. And Dynamic V8 media pads have a maintenance interval measured in years instead of months.
When sustainability increases profit margins and reduces waste in a retailer’s business, everyone wins…the consumer, the retailer, the community in which the retailer operates…and the environment.

Case Studies

Adidas Flagship Store

Challenge: Sustainability/LEED
Solution: Dynamic V8s