RS2/RS3 Integrated Air Cleaning System

  • 97% efficient at 0.3 microns; efficiency increases as the media fibers load
  • Patented activated-carbon center screen is effective in removing smoke, odors, pollen, dust, and other contaminants
  • Large filter area minimizes static pressure drop to allow the blower to run efficiently
  • Disposable fiber media pads require only a few minutes to change, every 4 to 6 months, depending on household conditions
  • Sterile Sweep UVC lamps are replaced every 9,000 hours, or once every year
  • Does not produce ozone or arcing like other electronic air cleaners
  • Does not produce charged (ionized) particles that collect on clothes, walls and furnishings
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty

The Dynamic RS2 Air Cleaning System includes two 1” Dynamic Polarized-Media Electronic Air Cleaners in a V-Bank configuration to increase filter face area for more effective air cleaning at lower air velocity.

The Dynamic RS3 Air Cleaning System
utilizes the same configuration with the addition of a high-output Dynamic Sterile Sweep® UV-C system. The Sterile Sweep features an oscillating germicidal lamp that kills pathogens collected by the Dynamic Air Cleaners. The RS3 offers the most effective means of controlling all three elements of indoor air pollution – particulates, biological microbes, and gas-phase odors/VOCs.

Both the RS2 and RS3 Air Cleaning Systems are available in 1400 and 2400 cfm models, housed in a rugged steel cabinet with an easy-access service drawer that makes service a snap. The electronically enhanced media in the Dynamic Air Cleaners combines elements of both electronic and media air cleaners. Particles are electrically charged (polarized) and then collected in the high efficiency media. Polarized sub-micron particles join with other particles and are collected on subsequent passes. Working in conjunction with the Sterile Sweep Germicidal System, the RS3 offers unsurpassed protection against airborne contaminants.

PERFORMANCE DATA RS2-1400 RS2-2400 RS3-1400 RS3-2400
Pressure Drop (w.g.) @ 1000 cfm .103” - .12” -
Pressure Drop (w.g.) @ 1200 cfm .151” .04” .175” .06”
Pressure Drop (w.g.) @ 1400 cfm .212” - .242” -
Pressure Drop (w.g.) @ 1600 cfm - .07” - .09”
Pressure Drop (w.g.) @ 2000 cfm - .12” - .15”
UV Replacement Lamp Part No. - - G2-24-LMP G2-24-LMP
Weight lbs (kg) 42.5 (19.3) 46.5 (21.1) 55 (24.95) 59 (26.76)
Electrical Input 120/1/60 120/1/60 120/1/60 120/1/60
Powerhead Output Voltage 7 kV (DC) 7 kV (DC) 7 kV (DC) 7 kV (DC)
Powerhead Volt/Amps Draw 1.45 VA 1.45 VA 1.45 VA 1.45 VA
Power Consumption .95 Watts .95 Watts .95 Watts .95 Watts
Fuse Type AGC-3A/250V AGC-3A/250V AGC-3A/250V AGC-3A/250V
Ozone Generation None None None None

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