May 16, 2023

Lumin-Air to Represent the Dynamic Product Line in Indiana

Indianapolis Based Lumin-Air and Dynamic’s partnership will give Indiana building owners, engineering, and architecture firms a local, Indiana representative for Dynamic’s sustainable, energy-efficient filtration solutions.

Lumin-Air works with Indiana colleges & universities, K-12 schools, health care, pharmaceutical and life sciences providers, manufacturing, government entities, airports, museums, sports facilities, and office buildings to provide the best filtration with the lowest life cycle cost. Energy savings, maintenance cost savings, and superior indoor air quality contribute to sustainability, decarbonization, and LEED certification objectives.

Dynamic AQS filtration can be integrated into both new and existing air-handling equipment. These solutions, while improving indoor air quality for building occupants, significantly reduce energy and maintenance costs. From the original 24Volt 1” Dynamic Air Cleaner to the state-of-the-art Dynamic V8, Dynamic has the right product to fit your application. Dynamic Air Cleaners utilize active–field, non-ionizing polarized-media technology. The Dynamic V8 has set the standard in air cleaning, outperforming anything on the market in contaminant control, maintenance, and cost of ownership.

Lumin-Air is known nationwide for providing custom, highly efficient filtration systems for public transportation vehicles and school buses. Local Indiana transportation customers include Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation (IndyGo) and LaPorte Community School Corporation. Lumin-Air president Dan Fillenwarth said, “Dynamic’s polarized media filtration provides high filtration efficiency, low-pressure drop, and extended filter life, resulting in a perfect, customizable solution for transit applications. We look forward to providing the same benefits for Indiana building environments.”

Mar 3, 2023

Norbryhn Equipment Company, Inc. to represent the Dynamic Product Line in the Idaho market

Norbryhn Equipment Company, Inc. (NEC) is a committed manufacturer's representative firm located in Nampa, Idaho that delivers quality products and sustainable solutions to engineering consultants, building owners, and the contractor community in the HVAC industry. Their trustworthy sales force is dedicated to providing unmatched customer service paired with systems knowledge and experience.

We are delighted to welcome NEC to the Dynamic family. Our joint focus on a growing market share within the state of Idaho will allow us to engineer industry-leading, sustainable, energy-efficient HVAC air filtration solutions, matching the best product to the application at the best value, while maintaining the service our customers appreciate.

Mar 1, 2023

Expansion with Norman S. Wright

In addition to our sustained successes within the Sacramento and Reno markets Dynamic Air Quality Solutions continues our expansion in the California market with Norman S. Wright. This partnership brings coverage to several essential regions, including San Francisco Bay and Central California areas.

Norman S. Wright is focused on providing high-quality, competitively priced HVAC products and solutions to commercial, industrial, multi-family, governmental, and institutional customers in six states. For more than 100 years, the company has built its reputation on value-added customer service practices focused on the end user and a dedication to sustainability and energy efficiency. The team has developed a portfolio of unmatched scope, selection, and quality by incorporating elite equipment lines, including Dynamic.

Mar 1, 2023

Masters Building Solutions to represent Dynamic Air Quality Solutions in Wisconsin

Masters Building Solutions has added Dynamic Air Quality Solutions to its line card. This partnership allows penetration into the Wisconsin market to provide sustainable, energy-efficient HVAC air filtration solutions.

Masters Building Solutions is a dedicated manufacturer's representative firm driving the Wisconsin market by offering engineered solutions for sustainable design, energy-efficient HVAC, and building automation systems. They are committed to delivering their customers the best HVAC product at the best price.

Partnering Dynamic and Masters Building Solutions allow both businesses to do what they do best, providing industry-leading air quality solutions, matching the right product with the right application at the best value, and maintaining the highest professional standards.

Mar 1, 2023

Dynamic attends The AHR 2023 Expo with New Booth Design

On the evening of Friday, February 3rd, the Dynamic Booth Build Team began making its way to ATL. Five pallets and five crates were ready to be unloaded on Saturday morning. The Build Team ensured that all the pieces and parts fit together to make the Design Team’s vision a reality.

2023 AHR attendees were heavy on engineers, specifiers, and technical sales associates, as well as our sales partners. There were 42,794 attendees at the show – up from 30,678 attendees in 2022.

Monday saw a constant flow of visitors to the booth from the 10 AM opening until the show closed at 6 PM. It was still hopping on Tuesday, with traffic slowing in the afternoon. Even the slowest day, Wednesday, was still a busy one for the Dynamic crew until well after the lunch hour.

Consistent feedback from visitors, customers, partners, and the Dynamic crew indicated that 2023 was our best show yet in terms of everything from traffic to booth design. Of course, that simply sets the challenge to do even better in 2024, See you in Chicago!

Dec 29, 2022

Dynamic Attends the World's Largest Cannabis Business Event at the Las Vegas Convention Center

On November 15-18th, Las Vegas hosted the 11th annual Marijuana Business Conference and Cannabis Expo with approximately 1400 exhibitors and over 35,000 attendees. Leaders from across the cannabis and indoor agriculture world converged to discuss many of the problems that the industry face, including indoor air quality to insure higher yields, and proper ventilation techniques. The Dynamic team was on hand and in full force to hear the challenges faced, as well as showcase the new Dynamic EDGE Carbon and our V8. Over the three-day event the booth staff including Tori Binz, Nathan Yamada, Josh Howell, Chris Nance, Jonathan Aslan, and Mark Montesano’s met with sales reps, growers, and facility owners, IAQ was a hot topic! The team met with a myriad of different customers including growers, handlers, advocates, and owners, as well as having the opportunity to discuss ways to further increase our availability throughout the market.

Dec 29, 2022

Big Success at the Big 10 and Friends Mechanical & Energy Conference

On October 16-19, the University of Missouri hosted the Big 10 and Friends Mechanical Conference. The event brought together higher education professionals including facility management, operators, engineers, and business partners to network and share information that can be used to improve the sustainability and efficiency of the university’s infrastructure. This year’s conference objective was to blend industry developments and practices to help reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint while meeting increasing demands for resiliency, reliability, comfort, and indoor air quality.

The leaders of twenty-six universities from across the country converged on the challenges that are most important to higher education facilities including indoor air quality. Dynamics' own Regional Managers Chris Nance and Richard Gillick were the IAQ experts in attendance at the show.

In June 2023, Dynamic will be sponsoring the Big 10 and Friends at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Dec 29, 2022

Dynamic Regional Managers: Certified Air Filtration Specialists

After countless hours of reading, attending seminars, and studying, Jonathan Aslan, Richard Gillick, Josh Howell, Chris Nance, and Nathan Yamada have all completed the National Air Filtration Association’s CAFS certification program. The exam was part of the 2022 Annual Convention located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. In addition to taking the final test, the team also attended seminars and met with current and potential customers. The Commercial Dynamic Regional Management Team is CAFS certified. Click here to learn more about the NAFA Air Filter Specialist Certification.