Reduce Maintenance and Waste

Lowering operating costs and environmental impact

A leaner, greener way to cleaner air

One principle that is a common thread in all of our systems is doing more with less – being simple, effective, and efficient. Nowhere is this more evident than in the extended service life of our products, and, in particular our Air Cleaners. We clean the air more effectively, but do so with less energy and less maintenance. This is enabled by our underlying technologies for 360° contaminant loading. Our V8, V-Bank, and Panel Air Cleaners all have a flatter loading curve, higher dust-holding capacity, and longer service life than passive alternatives.

While many filter manufacturers would rather change the subject (and the filter) than talk about loading, dust-holding capacity is a critical operational parameter for system design, energy consumption, maintenance, and performance.

For example, the V8 will hold 5-10 times the dust of high-efficiency, extended-surface passive filters. This translates to less energy, less waste, and a typical service life of 4-5 years. This is without pre-filters and their added static pressure, changeout, and expense.

How to minimize your maintenance

A typical example was found at the former ASHRAE Headquarters "Living Lab" in Atlanta, GA, where all of the HVAC systems used Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning Systems. In the primary air handlers, the static pressure climbed only 0.1”w.g. after three years of operation, producing approximately 0.4 inches of static at design CFM. If you were to compare that to a traditional application of 30 percent pre-filters and 85 percent (MERV 13) post-filters, you'd see savings of around 0.75 inches in mid-life static. In addition, the Dynamic V8’s save three or four changes per year on the pre-filters and once per year on the final filters. The V8s were changed after 6 years as part of a recommissioning.

Of course, the service life of the V8 (or any filter) will be a function of how dirty the air is. So while the math of the V8 relative to passive filters will stay the same, the time may vary. However, with over two decades of V8 installations, we have a large data set and good metrics for various types of applications. In most applications, we are seeing 5+ years between changeouts.

Fewer filter changeouts mean building staff can focus on other issues

Further, in the design of the V8 (and all our Air Cleaners), most of the assembly is permanent—only the media is changed. This means as compared to a V8 media changeout, a typical extended surface passive filter takes up 3 times more space to ship, store, and dispose of. Dynamic replacement media is boxed, shipped, and labeled by the AHU for convenience.

Lastly, less filter changeouts help meet decarbonization goals with lower Scope 3 emissions—fewer filters manufactured, ordered, shipped, delivered, received, inspected, sorted, stored, replaced, put in the dumpster, and driven to the landfill.