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Cleaning the Air in Elementary and High Schools

The grades are in! Dynamic gets an A+

IAQ has always been critical in schools – and the pandemic brought IAQ to the forefront in schools across the nation. Teachers and students want to know that there are effective systems in place to safeguard their health. But IAQ upgrades can be difficult in existing HVAC equipment with its space and fan horsepower limitations. And since 90% of the cost of cleaning the air is energy, more efficient filters can mean more energy consumption. Dynamic Air Cleaners change that equation – meeting and exceeding IAQ goals with a fraction of the energy and maintenance of traditional filtration. We have a range of systems that can fit all equipment types.

Even before the pandemic, a national report, Greening America’s Schools, concluded that school buildings designed with IAQ and sustainability in mind have lower operating costs, improved test scores, and enhanced student health. The report, produced by Capital E and co-sponsored by The American Institute of Architects (AIA), concluded that environmentally friendly schools save an average of $100,000 each year. The study examined 30 green schools built between 2001 and 2006, and determined that the total financial benefits of green schools are 20 times greater than their initial cost difference. Measurable benefits include energy and water savings, improved student health, and higher test scores.

The Building Technologies Office (BTO) of the DOE supports investments by schools and school districts to improve the efficiency and health of their facilities through the Efficient and Healthy Schools program. Almost 100,000 public K-12 schools represent 5% of non-residential building energy consumption, expend $8 billion in utility bills, and serve 50 million students plus 3 million teachers. The GAO report found that 41% of school districts need to update or replace heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

Upgrades to school facilities can help remedy air quality issues, improve comfort and health conditions, support better student learning, and provide significant reductions in school energy bills.

With a range of flexible products that target specific IAQ challenges, Dynamic can help find the solution right for your school.

Federal and Local Incentives

Until recently, 40% of Higher Education institutions did not qualify for the 179D tax deduction. Now, private colleges and universities can use or allocate this tax credit to offset the installation cost of decarbonization projects.

State and utility incentives can also make a big difference. Some states cover up to 100% of the capital equipment cost for any equipment used in schools and universities that provides energy savings within specified payback periods. State programs can be found at or among others.

Utilities have their own set of incentives and Dynamic products are prescriptive measures in some areas.

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