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Good IAQ improves health, well-being, and performance

Building owners are being asked to do two things now: occupants want upgraded air cleaning and IAQ, while tenants and state and local governments are pushing for decarbonization and reduction of energy and operating costs. Since 90% of the cost of improved filtration or increased ventilation is energy, those two goals may seem at odds. Dynamic Air Cleaners change that equation – meeting and exceeding IAQ goals, with a fraction of the energy and maintenance of traditional filtration. In fact, Dynamic Systems use 1/3 the energy of traditional systems and have been key to some of the largest energy and IAQ retrofit projects in the country.

Dynamic in Office Spaces

IAQ and creating safe indoor environments

The pandemic accelerated existing trends towards increased indoor environmental quality. Tenants and occupants want to know that the air they are breathing is free of harmful pathogens, as well as odors, smoke, exhaust, and gas phase contaminants. Air cleaning is a far more effective and cost-effective means of achieving IAQ goals than overventilation. Further, while urban outdoor air has always been an issue, wildfire smoke is now an "everywhere issue" – so outdoor air cannot be counted on as a solution.

Energy efficiency, decarbonization, and benchmarking

Whether you're a Fortune 500 company-owned building trying to meet corporate decarbonization mandates, or a landlord trying to keep up with local sustainability, benchmarking, and carbon reduction targets (e.g. CalGreen or Local Law 97 in NYC), decarbonizing the built environment is a priority and it is happening. Dynamic has the products and experience to help you optimize both your IAQ and your carbon footprint.

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