Office Buildings

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, we spend over 90% of our time indoors. Much of this time is spent in our offices. Studies show that cleaner air in office buildings can improve productivity and reduce absenteeism.

High Efficiency Air Cleaning

Dynamic Air Cleaners remove dangerous airborne particles that other air cleaning systems miss…including odors, VOCs, smoke, bacteria, allergens, fine dust, molds and pollen…without producing any harmful ozone. When properly applied Dynamic Air Cleaners can have a significant impact on removing odors from outside air as the air comes through the ventilation system.

Lower Operational Costs

Studies show that 92% of the cost of filtration is something other than the media, including energy (fan horsepower to push the air through the filter), labor to change the media and costs of disposal. Dynamic Air Cleaners can have a significant impact on reducing these costs as compared to bag and cartridge filters. Dynamic V-bank air cleaners can last up to 7 times longer than comparable cartridge filters and can cut down the mid-life static pressure by as much as 1.5” which saves significantly on the horsepower required for specific air handler.

Reduced Ventilation Air Costs

The conventional approach to ventilation air, as specified in ASHRAE Ventilation Standard 62, is to introduce fresh, outside air, to dilute contaminants. The amount of outside air depends on the number building occupants. Most school HVAC systems are designed for 15 CFM per person. This can be costly, in terms of conditioning outside air, and sometimes ineffective, when the outside air is polluted. Cleaning the air, rather than diluting it, can save energy…and money. With Dynamic Air Cleaners, outside air requirements can be cut in half…or even to a third - under the guidelines of ASHRAE Standard 62 IAQ Procedures. And Dynamic Air Cleaners have lower static pressures than other high efficiency air cleaners.
The net savings on using Dynamic Air Cleaners can often generate a return on investment of two to four years.

Case Studies

Citrix Office Headquarters

Challenges: Energy, Maintenance, IAQ
Solution: Dynamic V8s

Class-A Urban Office Building

IAQ Challenge: Sustainable design, vehicle emissions, extended media life
Solution: Dynamic V8s

Union Fenosa Corporate Headquarters

Energy Challenge:  Reduce HVAC Energy Consumption
Solution: Dynamic V-Banks

GE Office Building

IAQ Challenge:  Odor Control
Solution: Dynamic V-Banks

Lafarge Factory Offices

IAQ Challenge:  Dust from limestone quarry
Solution:  Dynamic V-Bank and V8 Air Cleaners

SAS Conference Center

Energy Challenge: Sustainable Design
Solution: Dynamic V8s

Alta Diagonal

Energy Challenge: Sustainable Design
Solution: Dynamic V8s

SCDOT Headquarters

Energy Challenge: Energy Savings & Occupant Comfort
Solution: Dynamic V8s

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