EDGE Gas Phase Solutions

Maximum Removal with Minimal Pressure Drop

The Next Generation of Gas Phase

With heightened concerns over IAQ in general, and increasing challenges to outdoor air quality like wildfires, a growing number of building owners and occupants are looking to control and remove odors, VOCs, and other gas phase contaminants from the indoor air. Effective gas phase control has typically been associated with a high pressure drop and cost of operation, making such solutions difficult to retrofit into existing buildings and requiring larger fans and accommodation for post-filters in new construction.

EDGE Gas Phase Solutions change all of that. The EDGE patented design allows for full, even, and predictable flow through the media to ensure the required Mass Transfer Zone. This yields high removal efficiencies, full utilization of the media for a long service life, and a fraction of the pressure drop and energy usage of competitive pellet systems.

EDGE allows you to decarbonize your carbon.

Dynamic EDGE Gas Phase Solutions feature a patented design that gives them the leading edge over competitive systems.

  • Low static pressure allows for new opportunities in gas phase filtration for existing systems and significant energy savings vs. competition
  • High removal efficiencies, complete utilization of activated carbon and additives, and a lean Mass Transfer Zone (MTZ)
  • ASHRAE Standard 145.2 third-party tested for select EPA Criteria Pollutants, 62.1-2022 Design Compounds, and Inorganic Contaminants
  • No media settling, bypass, or dusting. No post filtration necessary
  • Design versatility and application specific customization via flexible panel configurations, media blends, product depths, and media densities

Activated carbon has been used for decades to remove odors and harmful gas-phase chemicals from the air. Carbon does this through adsorption, i.e. the deposition of gas on a solid. Because of its unique structure, activated carbon is an excellent adsorber. It is the basis of blended media to purify the air, protecting both people and equipment. EDGE engineers the effectiveness of activated carbon and other compounds into breakthrough products.

From art museums to wastewater treatment plants to data centers to grow facilities, EDGE is powerful enough for mission-critical applications. But its long service life, low-pressure drop, and ease of maintenance make it practical for use in arguably the most critical application of all: cleaning the air that people breathe every day. EDGE Panels come in targeted blends for specific applications and a wide range of standard sizes for easy retrofit.

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