V8 Air Cleaning Solutions

MERV 13, 14, 15+ Performance

Best-In-Class IAQ for contaminant control, maintenance, and TCO

Designed to meet the most rigorous performance requirements, the Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning System couples maximum effectiveness with unparalleled energy and operational savings. V8 is used around the world in applications where air quality and decarbonization are mission-critical – including hospitals, pharmaceutical facilities, schools and universities, data centers, clean manufacturing, and LEED buildings.

The V8 leverages the principles of existing Dynamic products and incorporates several important technological advances to create a system that leads the industry in performance.

The V8 couples MERV 13-15 effectiveness with ten times or more the dust-holding to provide the lowest cost of ownership, the flattest loading curve, and the longest maintenance cycle of any air cleaner on the market. This allows for smaller fans in new construction and significant energy and operational savings in virtually any application; a standard passive filter array uses up to three times more energy. Further, the mechanisms of the V8 give it an enhanced ability to capture dangerous ultrafine particles – which are not counted in MERV tests – and adsorbed odors and contaminants. The V8 has a “zero bypass” seal and typically does not require a pre-filter. It can be configured to fit a wide range of equipment and retrofit applications.

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