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For over 35 years, Dynamic Air Quality Solutions has been providing colleges and universities with innovative solutions that optimize air quality, while reducing maintenance and helping to meet decarbonization and sustainability goals. Dynamic was founded by two university professors and academia represents one of our largest market segments. Institutions around the world rely on Dynamic technology to improve their learning environments, protect their books and artwork, and maintain their lab and hospital environments, all while reducing their carbon footprint and maintenance costs.

IAQ, Energy, and Maintenance

In higher education, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is mission-critical. Museums, labs, hospitals, and other facilities all require increasingly high levels of air quality to protect their equipment, collections, and processes. And of course, the most valuable asset in any building – the people – expect that the air they breathe will be free of contaminants. This has led to the use of more robust filtration systems that are able to address particle, biological, and gas phase contaminants. However, since over 90% of the cost of cleaning the air is the cost of the energy to move it through the system, the quest for cleaner air has increased the cost of operation and maintenance of that system. Ironically, this can put cleaner air at odds with decarbonization and sustainability goals.

Dynamic Air Cleaners change that equation, meeting and exceeding IAQ goals while using a fraction of the energy and maintenance of traditional filtration. Dynamic Air Quality Solutions offers a range of products to minimize fan energy while effectively controlling particles, biologicals, smoke, and gas phase contaminants. The Dynamic V8 Air Cleaner provides MERV 13-15 performance with up to 2/3 less fan energy and a fraction of the maintenance of passive alternatives. For example, in a 60,000cfm AHU, an array of V8s can save over 90,000kWh/year versus an array of MERV 14 and pre-filters. The V8 will also capture ultrafine and adsorbed odors.

For precise control of gas phase contaminants, Dynamic EDGE Panels come in a range of blends that target specific contaminant groups, while using up to 75% less energy than pellet-based systems. The advanced filtration technology designed by Dynamic simultaneously improves indoor air quality (IAQ), conserves energy, and dramatically reduces ongoing utility and operating costs.

Dynamic products are a critical element of some of the largest IAQ and energy retrofit projects in the country.

Federal and Local Incentives

Until recently, 40% of Higher Education institutions did not qualify for the 179D tax deduction. Now, private colleges and universities can use or allocate this tax credit to offset the installation cost of decarbonization projects.

State and utility incentives can also make a big difference. Some states cover up to 100% of the capital equipment cost for any equipment used in schools and universities that provides energy savings within specified payback periods. State programs can be found at or among others.

Utilities have their own set of incentives and Dynamic products are prescriptive measures in some areas.

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