Building Green with LEED

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Whether a designer is trying to meet the requirements of LEED, WELL, ASHRAE 189, other Green Building standards, or increasingly rigorous state and local sustainability guidelines, Dynamic Air Quality Solutions is here to help. Our products achieve high indoor air quality while simultaneously reducing energy consumption and waste with low static pressure and long service lives. With these advantages, Dynamic products contribute to LEED Enhanced Indoor Air Quality Strategies and Indoor Air Quality Assessment credits within Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) and the Optimize Energy Performance in Energy and Atmosphere (EA).

90% of the cost of cleaning the air is fan energy and maintenance. The Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning System provides MERV 15+ performance while using ⅓ the energy of passive alternatives. Further, V8 media provides over 10X the service life of passive cartridge filters.

EDGE Activated Carbon Panels provide precise control of gas phase contaminants. The structured media yields even airflow and full use of the available carbon while using ¼ of the fan energy required of pelletized systems, with no need for post filters. EDGE features application-specific blends, high removal efficiencies, design versatility, and customization options. All of this allows for new opportunities in effective gas phase filtration for both new and existing systems.

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ASHRAE Headquarters in Atlanta: LEED Platinum Certified

People are the most valuable resource in an organization. Employees typically account for 90% of business operating costs. A 1% improvement in productivity or in reduced absenteeism has a major impact on a business's ability to compete.

A 2012 study found that companies that adopt more rigorous environmental standards are associated with higher labor productivity - an average of 16% higher - than non-green firms.

That's why employers, investors, building developers, and owners are discovering and implementing the business case for healthy indoor environments. What's important for employee well-being is also important for a business's bottom line. And Dynamic Air Quality Solutions has the the technology, the products, and the expertise to help any business improve indoor air quality for its employees, maximizing productivity.

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