Modularity for Air Quality

Flexible, scalable, customized solutions

Customization and integration for installation and application design and support

New construction? Renovations? Upgrades to existing systems? Dynamic offers the flexibility and scalability to build a comprehensive air quality solution.

Boxes, Modules, Duct Mounts, and Enclosures

Dynamic offers a variety of boxes, modules, duct mounts, and enclosures to house your V8 Air Cleaners. We have Standard 29.5” Deep Modules for use where there is adequate space in the AHU and/or DOAS, as well as Space-Saving 24" Deep Modules for applications with space constraints. V8-SL Side Load Modules feature a stacking, self-supporting racking system that allows them to be installed and accessed from the side, for applications with no in-unit access such as RTUs. For small duct-mount applications, VRF and Fan Coil Modules are essentially cased V8 modules that are installed as sections of the duct system.

Space-Saving, Easy-Access for Packaged Rooftops

Dynamic Final Filter Curbs are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate Dynamic Air Cleaners. For smaller rooftop units and custom air handlers that lack the necessary 25" of access space, Dynamic Final Filter Curbs from Thybar are available. Thybar can factory-install our air cleaner modules inside the curbs. For information about installing Dynamic V8-SL air cleaners on rooftops or in Final Filter Curbs, contact Thybar Sales in Louisville, KY at (800) 993-2872, or visit

Comprehensive Air Filtration and Odor Mitigation

Dynamic offers a full line of commercial air cleaning equipment with benefits beyond traditional filtration, such as MERV 15 performance, lower energy and operating costs, and the mitigation of odors and VOCs. Fan Powered Filter Systems can be configured with V8 Air Cleaning Solutions, EDGE Gas Phase Solutions, Panel Air Cleaners in 1" or 2" Depths, V-Bank Air Cleaners, and Sterile Sweep UVC Systems.

Our scalable total solutions for a wide variety of IAQ applications install quickly and easily and provide ongoing energy savings and extended maintenance cycles. The modular components can be tailored to address specific IAQ needs by utilizing 120/240 VAC power and an ECM (electronically commutated motor), for speed control, high efficiency at full speed, and a dramatic reduction in power usage at low rates. The standard 10-speed digital controller for simple airflow adjustment and allows for airflow speeds of up to 3,000 CFM (with a larger fan/motor). Configuration is easy with our versatile options.

Power and Monitoring for Your Air Cleaning Systems

Control Panel

The Dynamic Control Panel is an optional accessory that allows total control over your air cleaning solution. The control panel converts 120-240 VAC to 24 VAC needed to power the modules and includes Power On and Continuity indicator lights, accessible line voltage disconnect, and multiple Magnahelic options from analog readout to BMS connected. The Panels come in a range of VA ratings to match application requirements. Available in indoor/outdoor NEMA-rated enclosures, 16”H x 12”W x 6.5”D. Accepts NEMA-6 fittings.

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