Dynamic is your IAQ Expert

Our Mission is to provide advanced, affordable solutions that optimize air quality, reduce energy consumption, and minimize impact on the environment.

In 1982, two university professors, Bill Pick and Dean Joanou, from Algonquin College in Ottawa, Canada, started Engineering Dynamics, Ltd. as a place to flesh out their inventions. One of the most promising was a polarized media air cleaner aimed at residential and light commercial applications. They began manufacturing 1” and 2” polarized-media air cleaners, room console units and overhead ceiling-mount units, all under the Dynamic brand.

In 1993, EDL was acquired by Environmental Dynamics Group, one of EDL’s largest distributors. The companies are now known as Dynamic Air Quality Solutions. Today, Dynamic sells its products worldwide. It invests heavily in R&D and product development. It has expanded the breadth of its IP and offering to meet the increasing demand for decarbonization and IAQ in the built environment. Beyond the robust residential division, Dynamic’s projects run the gamut from anthrax clean-ups to the world’s most valuable art collection, from universities to military facilities, from data centers to grow facilities, and from airports to hospitals. The common thread is building owners who want superior IAQ without the energy and maintenance penalty of passive filtration.

Corporate headquarters and engineering are in the net energy-positive building outside of Princeton, New Jersey at a former Bell Labs site. Other facilities in New Jersey have warehousing and manufacturing. There are satellite warehouses in Florida and Nevada. Primary manufacturing still resides in Carleton Place, Ontario at an ever-expanding facility there.

Corporate Headquarters Princeton, NJ
Canadian Headquarters Carleton Place, Ontario

Dynamic Air Cleaners utilize active–field, non-ionizing polarized-media technology. There is an active electrostatic field inside the air cleaner that does not ionize but creates a negative side and a positive side on the fibers of a media and the particles in the air. The polarized particles are drawn to the polarized fibers. While Dynamic has pioneered and perfected the phenomenon of air cleaning, the basic principles have been around for a long time. In fact, the word “electricity” comes from the Greek word for amber- “Elektra”. It was observed that dust particles would hop onto a piece of amber after it had been rubbed on a cloth. That seemingly magical force was called electricity.

Virtually all particles have some sort of net charge or areas of relative charge. Being able to utilize this fact is an important part of particle capture. By creating areas of charge on a media, it will more readily attract the particles and have greater efficiency than the purely passive mechanisms.