Warranty Information

Limited Warranties

All Dynamic Products come with a Limited Warranty on parts. This Limited Warranty provides that a replacement part will be furnished at no charge for any part of the product which fails due to defects in material or manufacture while in normal use and service during the applicable Warranty period. Replacement parts are warranted for the unexpired portion of the original Warranty. The Effective Date of the Warranty will be the earlier of the date of installation or three (3) months from the date of manufacture. The Warranty Periods and any specific exclusion for various commercial products are as described below:

Polarized Media Electronic Air Cleaners are warranted for FIVE (5) YEARS after the Effective Date. Use of any replacement media other than that manufactured by Dynamic will void the warranty.

  • Sterile Sweep™, and RS-3, ballasts are warranted for a period of THREE (3) YEARS after the Effective Date.
  • Control Panels and Control Boxes are warranted for a period of FIVE (5) YEARS after the Effective Date.
  • All other parts and assemblies including motors are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a period of ONE (1) YEAR after the Effective Date.

Exclusions from this Warranty include damage or failure arising from wear and tear; corrosion, erosion, deterioration; modifications made by others to the Products; repairs or alterations by a party other than the Company that adversely affects the stability or reliability of the Products; vandalism; neglect; accident; adverse weather or environmental conditions; abuse or improper use; improper installation; commissioning by a party other than Company; unusual physical or electrical or mechanical stress; operation with any accessory, Products or part not specifically approved by Company; and/or lack of proper maintenance as recommended by Company. Nor does the Warranty cover any repairs other than those provided by an authorized services facility, nor does it cover labor or transportation costs that the Dealer may charge. Dynamic Air Quality Solutions is not responsible or liable for indirect, special, or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of the product or other damages with respect to any economic loss, loss of revenues or profit, or costs of removal, installation, or reinstallation.

There may be charges rendered for shipping and repairs to the product made after the expiration of the aforesaid Warranty periods. Except as provided herein, Dynamic Air Quality Solutions makes no express or implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. This Warranty gives specific legal rights and other rights may be available, which may vary from state to state.

Warranty Procedures for Commercial Products:
This information is provided as a guide regarding warranty claim procedures for Dynamic Air Quality Solutions' commercial indoor air quality products.

  1. Determine the unit model number from the label on the unit.
  2. For technical support, warranty information, warranty parts, or replacement parts, contact Dynamic Air Quality Solutions, toll-free M-F, 9:00 AM-5:00 PM ET at (800) 578-7873. A Dynamic representative will help you troubleshoot and diagnose the problem. Warranty matters involving products sold through a manufacturer representative should be directed to the appropriate representative.
  3. If the part is found to be defective, Dynamic will ship a new replacement part, freight prepaid, along with a Return Authorization / Return Label or envelope, if Dynamic wants the part returned.
  4. Important: Do NOT return anything without a Return Authorization.
  5. All returned parts are quality tested. If the returned part is found not to be defective, you may be invoiced for the new part and shipping costs.

Return Policy: Requests to return new and unused products must be made within six weeks from the date of purchase or eight weeks from the date of manufacture and should be directed to Heidi Birkland via email at hbirkland@DynamicAQS.com for a Return Authorization. Credits for returned goods are contingent upon inspection of the item(s) once received. A 15% restocking fee will be charged, and the customer is responsible for freight. Non-standard sizes may only be returned if demand warrants. Do NOT return anything without a Return Authorization. All returned goods must have prior approval and be accompanied by a Return Authorization Number.

Shipping Damage and Shipping Discrepancies:
Please note that any damage or shipping discrepancies must be reported within five (5) days of receipt.

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