Cannabis Grow Facilities

Decarbonize your grow

Growers worldwide rely on Dynamic’s engineered solutions to ensure the air quality inside the grow – removing mold spores, bacteria, and VOCs – as well as eliminating terpenes and odors from the exhaust air to keep the neighbors happy.

Indoor cannabis production is one of the most energy-intensive activities in the country. Growing four pounds of marijuana at an indoor facility can consume as much electricity as the average American home uses in a year. Cannabis growth is now responsible for over 1% of all U.S. electricity consumption per year, and this consumption is expected to increase to 3% by 2035. 90% of the cost of cleaning the air is fan energy. This is nowhere more apparent than in a grow where there is often 5-7 times more air movement than in a typical industrial space. That is a lot of fan and a lot of energy. Dynamic solutions, for particle, biological, and odor control are designed to save 2/3 of the energy of a typical filter array. They do this while cleaning the air more effectively and lasting far longer.

Odor mitigation

Dynamic EDGE Activated Carbon Panels are the go-to solution to remove odors from exhaust air to meet local codes and ordinances and keep peace in the community. The unique, patented design of EDGE Panels allows air to pass smoothly and evenly through a uniform media. The result is predictable performance, a long service life, and a fraction of the required fan energy and horsepower, reducing initial equipment and ongoing utility costs. Standard granular, pellet, or pleated carbon media systems require 2.5 to 4.5 times more energy. The flexible design of EDGE Panels allows them to be configured for virtually any type of equipment

Plant protection against airborne pathogens

In every grow, crop integrity and health are paramount. Dynamic can design and supply hospital-grade air cleaning. The Dynamic V8, 2” Panels, and Remote Mount UVC can be incorporated into HVAC and exhaust systems or in self-contained fan-powered units to capture and control airborne pathogens while using 1/3 of the energy and lasting 5 to 10 times longer than standard filters.

Let Dynamic help decarbonize you grow!

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