The 3 Phases of Indoor Air Pollution

Effectively maintain Indoor Air Quality with Dynamic

The Dynamic Difference

Polarized Media Air Cleaner

Our Polarized Media Air Cleaner uses electronic polarized-media technology for maximum air cleaning capability. Active electronic Polarized Media Air Cleaners use a safe 24 volt current to establish a polarized electric field. Airborne particles pass through the field and adhere to the media. The air cleaner’s efficiency increases as it loads, providing exceptionally high efficiency with air resistance much lower than expensive disposable filters.

Polarized Media Air Cleaners capture the smallest sub-micron particles, in addition to airborne allergens, and some gases and odors. Polarized Media Air Cleaners capture 97% of particles at .3 microns and continues trapping particles much smaller in size.

Polarized Media Air Cleaners install into existing filter tracks, without costly ductwork modifications, turning your home’s central heating & cooling system into a whole-house air cleaning system. And maintenance is a breeze. Each Polarized Media Air Cleaner uses a disposable replacement media pad which can be replaced in just minutes to keep your air cleaner running at peak efficiency.

RS-4 Whole House Air Cleaning System

Our RS-4 Whole House Air Cleaning System utilizes a uniquely powerful combination of polarized-media air cleaners in a V-bank configuration and a focused, scanning beam of UVC light. The key for UV light to be effective is contact time between the light and pathogens. In the Dynamic RS-4, airborne pathogens are caught in the sparse polarized media where the UV light is able to penetrate and hit them again and again to inactivate pathogen cells. The Dynamic RS-4 provides the ultimate in effectiveness for residential and light commercial air cleaning systems which allows for optimum contaminate control:

  • Electronic Polarized-Media for air cleaner for control of fine and ultrafine airborne particles
  • Activated carbon for maximum odor and gas phase contaminate control
  • Series 2™ Ultraviolet Germicidal System for control of airborne viruses, biologicals, germs and gases

Time-Release Drain Pan Treatments

Our Time-Release Drain Pan Treatments utilize state-of-the-art time release polymer technology to provide cost effective prevention against odor-causing bacteria that can form in condensate drain pans. Studies by utility companies and independent universities show that an improperly maintained, dirty HVAC system can increase utility payments by as much as 40%.

Dynamic Pan Treatments provide dependable, sustained time-release protection and can be used safely in air conditioner and refrigerator drain pans, and other non-potable water retention areas. The pan treatment remains dormant when the drain pan is dry and will continue activating and deactivating as wet and dry conditions change. As it activates, it adds a light, pleasant scent to the air.

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