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Sustainability Policy

June 14, 2012

We provide products and expertise to our clients that enable them to save energy and reduce their environmental impact.  Internally, our sustainability goals urge us to use resources more efficiently and in ways which benefit the company, the environment, customers, and local communities.  Operating more sustainably also means considering the environmental impacts of operations in our manufacturing facilities and offices, and to consider the impact of the products and services we provide.

Dynamic Air Quality Solutions strives to:

  • Provide customers with environmentally-responsible products, packaging and services that provide lasting value
  • Utilize resources including energy, fuel, water and materials as efficiently as possible to minimize environmental footprints
  • ducate and engage employees, customers and others on the importance of conserving resources, reducing waste and recycling
  • Establish sustainability goals and objectives
  • Review our progress made toward achieving established goals and objectives.
To become a more sustainable organization, Dynamic Air Quality Solutions seeks to engage business partners that improve the environmental aspects of our business and the products and services we provide. Our goal is to operate more sustainably, while maintaining a safe and enjoyable working environment.