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Dynamic V8-DM (Duct Mounted) for VRF and Fan Coil Systems

The Dynamic V8-DM (Duct Mounted) system utilizes active-field technology to polarize both media fibers and airborne particles. The polarized particles are then drawn to both the fibers of the media and other particles. This process brings about a deep cleaning of the air. The technology behind the Dynamic V8 outperforms any Non-HEPA filters on the market for removing ultrafine particles (UFPs).

Dynamic V8 technology utilizes these basic physical principles and couples them with patented developments in material and composite chemistry and media fibre design. The result is revolutionary performance and a new level of energy and operational savings.
  • The perfect solution for better filtration with VRF units
  • MERV 15 performance without ionizing or Ozone generation
  • VOC reduction and removal of ultrafine particles
  • Holds up to 10 times the dust of deep bed high-capacity cartridge and bag filters
  • Filter change-out intervals measured in years instead of months
  • Service access on upstream side unless specified as downstream when ordering
  • Helps qualify for multiple LEED® credits
  • Helps compliance with ASHRAE Standard 90.1 energy requirements
  • Reduces fan hp, db levels, and helps achieve acoustic criteria targets
  • Can help implement the IAQ Procedure of ASHRAE Standard 62 to possibly reduce outdoor air
  • Limited 5 year warranty includes electronics
  • Tested to meet CSA Standard C22.2 No. 187-M19986 and UL Standard 867
  • Standard module heights of 12” and 18” and depths of 24” or 29.5”. Widths can vary to maximize and simplify media replacement.
  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally.