Contaminant Control and Decarbonization

In healthcare, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is mission critical. Medical equipment and facilities require increasingly higher levels of air quality.  Further, patients, staff, and doctors all expect the air they breathe to be free of pathogens and contaminants. This has led to the use of more robust filtration systems that are able to address particle, biological, and gas phase contaminants. However, since over 90% of the cost of cleaning the air is the cost of the energy to move it through the system, providing cleaner air has generally increased energy, operational, and maintenance costs.

The healthcare industry has three mandates for their facilities: improve IAQ, mitigate risks, and decarbonize.   Many measures are geared to reduce heating and cooling system energy consumption. Today, Dynamic Air Cleaning technologies are helping to take these strategies to the next level.  Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning System, Dynamic EDGE Gas Phase Systems, and Sterile Sweep UVC Systems can clean the air of biologicals, ultrafine particles, nuisance odors, and VOCs and other gas phase contaminants—all while substantially reducing energy consumption and operational costs.

Dynamic has a range of systems that provide effective and cost-effective control of all phases of IAQ, while using up to 2/3 less energy and having a fraction of the maintenance. For specific IAQ issues that are existing or anticipated (e.g. helicopter exhaust), Dynamic has the experience and expertise to analyze the problem and integrate technologies into a solution.

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