V-Bank Air Cleaners

A superior alternative to bag and cartridge filters

Improved filtration, odor reduction, lower energy cost, and less maintenance

Dynamic V-Banks are an ultra-low pressure drop system capable of agglomerating and capturing ultrafine particles and adsorbed odors, while operating as a MERV 14 equivalent in a re-circulating system. V-Banks put our Panel Air Cleaners into two-panel (12” high) and four-panel (24” high) modules that can be permanently mounted or slide into a header. V-Banks are available in 14”, 16”, and 24” depths and with either 1” or 2” Panels.

Dynamic V-Banks are often combined with Sterile Sweep UVC Systems and V8 Air Cleaning Solutions in applications where pathogen control is mission critical.

Designed for permanent mounting in commercial air handling systems, Dynamic 1" and 2" V-Banks offer a high-efficiency and cost-effective alternative to bulky bag and cartridge filters for improved filtration, odor reduction, lower energy costs, and less maintenance. Dynamic V-Banks can often be used with or without pre-filters. In new construction lower static pressure corresponds directly to lower brake horsepower. Brake horsepower drives fan energy. With Dynamic Air Cleaners, and using the prescriptive option under section 6.5.3 of ASHRAE 90.1, engineers can reduce energy costs and provide the end user with a payback worth investing in.

While retrofitting an existing building total operating costs can be reduced by 15% or more when conventional filters are replaced with Dynamic Air Cleaners. HVAC costs consist of utilities, maintenance, labor, purchasing, receiving, storage, disposal, and replacement typically account for 80% of a building's operating costs. Dynamic Air Cleaners will make a significant impact on the bottom line.

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