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Just thought I'd take a moment to compliment your company on the quality of its products. Our house is so easy to keep free of dust its unreal...way less work for us than our friends. They think all my wife does is vacuum and dust all day long. In fact, the opposite it true! We have changed our filters regularly over the years, and since they only need to be changed 3 times a year it really doesn't cost that much more than standard filters in my opinion. Changing our filters today, we noticed on the service history sticker that we installed our system 16 years ago last September. Wouldn't the world be a better place if everything lasted that long?


Jim Trockman Evansville, IN

Thank you for answering my questions about the generic "Dynamic" replacement filters I have noticed for sale on the internet.  I have environmental lung disease and am very sensitive to inhaled hydrocarbons, aldehydes, traffic fumes and other sources of indoor air pollution.  I have had a centrally installed Dynamic in each home I have owned since 2000, when my HVAC contractor suggested your product.  I also have 3 console units, and I use one in my car when on long trips, plugged in to a voltage inverter.  That way I can also take it into a motel room, where the scents and carpeting are a huge problem for me.  In short, I shudder to think of how my quality of life would suffer without your products, as I found out when my HVAC contractor inadvertently reinstalled the filter without the electrical connection.  I was then immediately extremely short of breath for 3 days, until I figured out that the Dynamic was not on.  As soon as you sent a new electrical cord, I was back to being able to get my breath in my home.  I should add that I have tried a myriad of air cleaners, some costing over $1000, and you have the technology that gives me the most relief.

Thank you,

Melinda Wilcox, M.D. Internist and Anesthesiologist

The three 1RF1625C24 air cleaners installed in our three gas furnace filter boxes work like a charm. They were installed a few days after our flooring contractor finished laying hard wood floors and the smell from the varnish was overpowering.  I don't think we even ran the fan on continuous fan as was suggested.  The smell was gone in a couple of days.  And my wife claims to have less dust than before which means less dusting which she is happy about.

Scott Bailey Springdale, Arkansas

Thanks for talking with me this week regarding your air cleaner systems and how best to make my filters last longer than a month!  Although your company recommends changing filters every two to four months, I normally change filters monthly.  I’ve had the Dynamic Air Cleaner filtration for several years, and just love it.  I’m a pet lover and because I have five shelties and a pomeranian (six long haired dogs!) plus a blue and gold macaw (parrot), I wouldn’t live without it. It makes such a huge difference in the air quality in my home.  As I mentioned to you, I change the filters monthly because my parrot will sneeze if I don’t!  Birds are the first to notice poor air quality and she’s my monthly reminder to change the filter.  These have been great for her and for our entire family…


Pam Shirk Indianapolis, IN

All of a sudden, after a handyman sanded a Formica countertop for me, my home and place of business was a chemical dust disaster area.  (Formica, it turns out, is made from formaldehyde.  Its dust can be harmless to some, fatal to others.)  Because I went inside, I spent 6 days in the hospital.  Because I went back inside after it was cleaned up, I spent another 6 days in the hospital.  Doctors said I might never be able to go back inside or to touch anything I owned.

I called Blue Dot from the hospital.  They were the people who had installed my furnace, air conditioner, and humidifier, and they’d always been good to me.  They did some research and made a recommendation: the Dynamic Air Cleaner.  Their Chris Meier explained it to me better than I could understand it, but I trusted him and all the Blue Dot people.

After Roy Paz spent a long, hard day vacuuming the vents in my house, Gary Clemens installed the Dynamic.  A couple of days later, on my request, Roger Adams, their sales manager, came back and replaced the filter – it was thick with that poisonous dust, by the way.  A few days later, again at my request, he replaced it again and found just a touch of the dust.

Today I live and work in my home again, safe and sound.  You gave me back my life and you can tell the world I said so.  Thanks you.

All the best to you,

Lucy Gwin Topeka, KS

I just wanted to thank you for recommending the Dynamic Air Cleaner. It has improved my allergies tremendously. With the temperature dropping twenty degrees yesterday we decided to open up the house and sleep with the windows open. That was a big mistake. I woke up with swollen eyes and extremely congested. I had not realized how clean the air in my house was.

Thanks again for your recommendation it's truly helped my allergies

CJ Burrier Waverly, IA